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Myaccount about bwmc media center publications for information 410. 787. 4000 bwmc site -a a +a services patients & visitors community careers find a physician donate/volunteer for physicians contact us health library home / health library / health illustrated encyclopedia / symptoms / pectus carinatum / spanish health illustrated encyclopedia complementary and alternative medicine wellness tools thomson drugnotes in-depth reports pregnancy center care guides spanish surgery and procedures health illustrated encyclopedia disease specialtopic test surgery poison nutrition symptoms injury thomson drugnotes spanish spanish pregnancy center surgery and procedures complementary and alternative medicine save page print page pectus carinatum basic alternative names pigeon breast visual reference references boas sr. Skeletal diseases influencing pulmonary function. In: kliegman rm, behrman re, jenson hb, stanton bf, eds. Nelson textbook of pediatrics. 18th ed. Philadelphia, pa: saunders elsevier; 2007:chap 416. Overview definition pectus carinatum describes a protrusion of the chest over the sternum, often described as giving the person a bird-like appearance. Considerations pectus carinatum may occur as a solitary abnormality or in association with other genetic disorders or syndromes. The condition causes the sternum to protrude, with a narrow depression along the sides of the chest. This gives the chest a bowed-out appearance similar to that of a pigeon. People with pectus carinatum generally develop normal hearts and lungs, but the deformity may prevent these from functioning optimally. There is some evidence that pectus carinatum may prevent complete expiration of air from the lungs in children. These young people may have a decrease in stamina, even if they do not recognize it. Apart from the possible physiologic consequences, pectus deformities can have a significant psychologic impact. Some children live happily with pectus carinatum. For others, though, the shape of the chest can damage their self-image and self-confidence, possibly disrupting connections with others. Common causes congenital pectus carinatum (present at birth) trisomy 18 trisomy 21 homocystinuria marfan's syndrome morquio synd. buy viagra buy cheap viagra viagra for sale viagra for sale cheap viagra cheap viagra online buy cheap viagra buy cheap viagra viagra without a doctor prescription buy viagra online Forgot your password?
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